Friday, April 26, 2019

A celebrity unwed couple, a love child and a society of hate

This is the twentieth century, not only have we as a country conquered space but we also are vehemently moving forward in becoming a towering economic entity. India is slowly transforming herself from her identity as a third world country for whom the only strength is her numbers to a progressive personality that is edging her way to the big boy table.

All  is good in the hood that is,  till a actor Arjun Rampal posts a very loving photo of his and his pregnant better half.  What is so shocking about a woman being pregnant ? the fact that she is not married to the man.

Flashback to the eighties and nineties bollywood movies, where  a unwed mother brought all kinds  of hell raining down on the woman from being pushed into flesh trade, to living a life of obscurity to being stoned by the community. What has changed after nearly three decades?  nothing . Just the medium of  abuse.

While the Bollywood community shared their joy for Actor Arjun  Rampal and his girlfriend Gabriella Demetriades  the couple was stoned with words of contempt from the people on social media.  The same words and same thoughts which molded our society a few decades ago once again rear their pointed spears to inflict wounds on a couple for a choice that is very personal.

The constant refrain is of our culture being tarnished by a unwed mother and a love child. The comments follow in thousands and they are that of absolute horror. I don’t see that horror expressed on stories about gang rapes, sexual abuse of children, dowry death or forced prostitution. All these incidences are accepted as a norm, something that happens so often that it does not warrant a comment.  These incidences do not tarnish our social fabric. But a child brought into this world by a couple who is competent enough to take care of their baby is simply not acceptable.

There are thousands of children in India who are living a miserable life because their parents have not given a single thought to their needs before bringing them  into this world. Like animals they are bred and left to fend for themselves. Some parents find themselves not being able to commit to the parenthood but cannot accept the fact because being parents is supposed to be the most natural thing in the world.  These children live a life of neglect, does society care ?  no these children are ignored because that is life.

A couple who is in love and who is fully committed to bringing up the child in the best way possible is not ignored. They are hated because even though the emotions are in place, responsibility and mental ability is in place the most important thing is not. A legal paper that says the word marriage.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

An atom of universe

Believe without a reason,
your heart does not need one,
if it gets what it wants then what would be the fun,
dreams are build on nothing, a fragrance, some fear,
a trickle of a tear, a corner of a lonesome wear,

A haze of a walk, a wave of a hand,
some look that was vague, A promise that was made,
Million stars across the sky, lay waiting to hold your heart,
A trance, you are hypnotized,

The universe is endless so is love eternal, a single atom as small
as a grain holds its mystery infernal,
Thus in a moment as small as a grain of sand, you find yourself living a life
loving in technicolor grand

In its bosom the seashell plays the ocean's band echoing even across
the desert fearsome and bland. A tune that is played only for you.
Close your eyes and it will never leave you.

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

" Lost " all seasons My take on it

Well I thought quite a lot if there was any point to it as the show is the very definition of the concept of perspective. Even then everybody likes a concrete ending and if this helps in making sense out of obscurity then I guess it would be totally worth it.

Every religion is based on one simple yet complex thought energy, the same principle that scientists  have tried to demystify and harness. We have even been able to do so to a large extend yet there are various loopholes that confuse even the brightest minds.

We know how energy works but we are yet to find out from where it comes or when was  the first time it came into existence. It is omnipresent at the same time invisible its power is infinite. It can either totally annihilate or magically create.

 This energy is at the very core of who we are  "the light is in every one of us but yet we want more " - jacob's mom

This whole world and beyond is weaved with it like a complex rug ( jacob and his mother are seen weaving a rug with threads ) every thread that crosses each other is a decision that is taken by the creator and that leads to the fabric being made, one stitch in another direction and the effect will be totally different.

Yet the thread is the same and the person who is weaving the fabric is the same. The outcome maybe different but the elements that create that outcome are the same.

Every character has made his or choices in life which lead them to be on the plane the fact that they are supposed to be together is inevitable because they are the threads chosen or we could say threads that have come together because of choices made by the weaver jacob ( representation of energy ? )  .

Physical Manifestation of the existing energy is maybe to some extend in our hands. Thats what we call cause and effect in science and as you so so shall you reap in spirituality.

There are no demons and there are no saints there is no angel and there is no devil. There are only choices which we make. We decide whether the fabric of our cloth is going to be red or green a straight stitch or cross.

Every darkness is a choice and every light is a choice also. ( jack struggles with choices throughout sometimes they are wrong and sometimes they are right...but its always a choice.

Every relationship of every character is a choice. The decision of sawyer to pull the wire on bomb is a choice )

The question whether they were alive when the crashed or not to me is irrelevant because it did not matter. The creators more than often throughout the season implied that our bodies are a mere casing for our soul and what matters most is that our soul makes the right choice.

We could also call it conscious......The mystery of the island is representative of  the mystery of the universe its amazing possibility and magic. The island a representation of that immense unexplainable magic which we see example gravity.

At the end of the day it teaches that no matter where you are,  your conscious does not leave you unless you make the necessary sacrifice in creating your fabric with the right color and right stitch and the bright light that burns inside you is what always tell you whether you are going in the right direction or not because if you dont then you will have to come to the drawing board again and again till you listen to the light and take the right direction. ( concept of rebirth ) To do that you cant let the black smoke talk to to you because he is best contained inside your island.

It does not matter what he wants you to do....ultimately you actions are what weave the fabric of your life he will always be  a part of you but you need to always choose the bright light that shines inside you and only then will you be able to walk towards that eternal light.

Desmond - Our life is a circle of choice and effect we may change how we look and where we are but the our ties with others never cease because they are part of our fabric of life. Sometimes they are with us and sometimes they are not because on the drawing board called life we make the right decisions and sometimes wrong. There is that one factor thou it could be a person, a incident or even a habit....which is always part of where and who we are..its what holds the fabric together on the drawing board and gives us the chance to come back again and again to it till we have perfected that rug and its complete.

Monday, February 15, 2016

The JNU Debate

I write about things I understand to write about kashmir is something that I believe is a right a non kashmiri does not have.Its a situation which is very complicated. Being able to see in a fog is nearly impossible. Kashmir is living in a fog of isolation, ignorance and even abuse.
All countrymen are my brothers and sisters is a proclamation easy to say than live.
Every government in power has fucked up from the moment we got independence to now.....
Except being gods gift to mankind Kashmir economically kashmir seems to be a pretty maiden who has nothing to offer but the serenity of her beauty and purity of soul. I guess which was not good enough for the custodians of bharat mata to haul up their skirts and go to war each and every time she was abused by those across the border and inside it too.
It is a college, a place of education , personally I do not understand the connection of politics and education...but even if a child says something stupid you do not haul his ass to the police station.
They have been forfeited by their countrymen and their country why do you then expect them to have a sense of patriotism ? what are we doing for them even now ?
Infrastructure is still a long way... and daily life includes the fear for life itself. So some guys got all rilled up, when you have nothing to live by except a sense of hatred for the most basic rights denied to you , A explosive reaction full of hatred is something that you should not be surprised about....
If all my countrymen are my brothers and sisters then before you get all agitated about things said about your country first find out what your fellow countrymen are going through and what you can do about it...If you cant do anything then support them while they fight for their basic right to be heard.....even if its a philosophy you dont understand....
Terrorism exists as a answer to fear and desperation......It wont when the answer is understanding, solidarity.....

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My beef with you.....I guess Frogs will have to do

I am scared to post a picture of a lovely beef stake that I ate in Bali. A free citizen of my country and my heart flutters thinking of the repercussions which could be violent. The death of a person for eating meat is something that is still difficult to digest. Along with the fact that a public out cry was needed to make arrests.
This smell of riots that tore Mumbai apart fills the air and our hearts and I wonder how far are we from that one matchstick which will set thousands of innocents on fire because the government is not taking the necessary steps to dampen the ambers of hatred.
It is completely beyond me why would any government in its  sane mind allow a situation to exist which in the long run could lead to wide spread violence is a cow more important that a person ?
In a secular society why is there any space for religious preference.....

India continues to be one the leading beef exporters in the world, so it s quite possible that the beef I ate in Bali came from India. Now I wonder what sort of logic is applied to this beef law passed on religious sentiments in India and what exactly is its goal ? sentimental or business ? more beef more export hence more money to the business owners.

Maybe we need to start eating frogs tasty creatures tried them will they be cheap ?

In this whole circus.....the loss.... of the common citizens of livelihood, of affordable food of the right to live.

Dandiya one of the most colorful and cosmopolitan festivals in India is now tainted with anti communal sentiment. In Gujarat Muslims and Christians are not allowed to participate unless they convert.
The fact that something like this has been said is not surprising the fact that no action has been taken against VHP is what has surprised me the most.....

I am a Indian my culture my soil is very dear to me. I am also a christian. My faith and my Nationality have nothing to do with each other. I have been proud of my country, the so called lifestyle of the first world countries has never appealed to me.

But today I wonder what kind of future does my country offer me ? My heart pumps faster than needed as I write this filled with fear and hatred where Indians are being manipulated like puppets and sacrificed at the alter of politics.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


All this talk about development seems to be completely wasted on me right now. I will not say that I was fan of this new government but everybody deserves a chance and so did this new bull in the pit.
The drought that has hit farmers and the silence adopted has made it very clear that  the new big boss is only interested in helping those rich babus who live in multi billion dollar high rises.

The roads are not better, jobs are not available, 500 bucks for a handfull of veggies dont know what poor people eat to live and if all this was not enough the once in a blue moon vacation, movie and dinner is so shit expensive that we wait for the moon to turn green.

We pay a hell lot of tax which is supposed to help put food on our table by keeping those who grow food  alive. Unless there is some conspiracy of import from a friendly neighbor or there is a smart cheap dangerous alternative which is cooking in backroom deals. 

I mean hunger is something I could digest....certainly would help the weight but what I certainly cannot digest is the crazy rise of rape cases not only in the  Delhi but across India. What the fuck is going on .

Man seriously I could certainly live with less technology, less foreign funding and less big steel towers but I certainly cannot live without by dignity no thank you. Cant they just focus on solving this one big problem right now .

Or is women safety one of those non issues like the right to celebrate a important festival by eating what we like . The prime reason for the failure of the previous government and rise of the current if anybody has forgotten was exactly this WOMEN'S SAFETY not fancy buildings, or a roaring stock market or a beef ban ( which I wonder what problem does it exactly solve  safety, jobs or the dismal inflation) 

 If slaughtering animals is insensitive polluting the environment and wasting money in community religious cerebration when people are dying in the state is insensitive too. Nobody banned that !  

Monday, June 29, 2015

Why I am a christian and a LGBT supporter

Today I broke my relationship with my church in support of Lgbt rights and because they were preaching against it. By doing so I saved my relationship with christ.
What makes it so difficult for people to understand and accept the lgbt community. I have never given this question much thought until my church decided to go and speak out against the bill that awards gay people the right to marriage.
The bible talks about homosexuality in few random versus and that is enough for the community to be delegated to the sinful box. The bible as any other religious book is written by men over a period of time and under various political and social transformations. Taking every word and verse in context is probably not a very responsible thing to do. But then if it was responsible  it wouldn't exactly be  a religion. Religion sings to the masses spirituality appeals to the individual soul.

I am a practicing believer of christ. He is my spiritual master and I try and follow his teachings and the road which he etched for us through his teachings.Christ has always preached acceptance and love. The only rule he ever had was love one another. He loved the moneylender and prostitute alike. He did not judge then and he does not judge now. If we are the new age believers of christ then the only rule that we need to remember is about unconditional love.

He died on the cross for everybody irrespective of their caste, creed or sexual preference. He preached the power of the conscience his only rule was to love , to do unto another as you would like to be done unto you.

As christains we believe that judgement is only god's then who are we to judge and say that being LGBT is wrong. Who are we to take away their fundamental rights ? it is his and only his to judge.
Preaching against another fellow being is sin, causing him angst and trauma is sin you are a human hence any step taken to punish another is sin.

Why do we forget this one basic principle . Marriage is a legal process which man has  linked to the spiritual. Who are we to deny people their basic legal rights ? 
I do not support those who take on themselves to lable others as living in sin just because they do not understand or associate with their choices.  I believe in following only christ and I can do that by loving and accepting my fellow humans without question and judgement and knowing that judgemnet is only his.